10 reasons to see Lisbon

Portugal’s capital, also known as the city by the sea and the city of explorers, is a fascinating place to be. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, this picturesque and captivating destination is laced with old-world charm and new-world culture.

If you have an appetite for discovering and experimenting, then here are the reasons why I’m sure you will like Lisbon.

1 The castle



This popular tourist attraction is part of Lisbon’s skyline. Nestled in greenery on top of a beautiful hill, the Castelo de San Jorge is an archeological site offering great views of the city. It’s a great way to discovery the country’s rich history, or just stroll about the garden and the Moorish neighborhood.

2 The bridge



Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge is one of the city’s most prominent landmarks. It looks like the famous San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and goes across the Tagus river. Amazing to see!

3 The statue of Joseph I

The Equestrian Statue of King Joseph I is an icon in Lisbon and its location in the busy Praça do Comércio. The statue, considered the first work of public art in Portugal, commemorates the time that the city was devastated by an earthquake under the reign of the King Joseph I.



4 The beaches

The beautiful Lisbon coast stretches endlessly with sandy beaches for everyone to enjoy. The water was a bit cold, but it’s clean and always full of sunbathers.



The beaches are packed in summer and all connected by a little train.

Discover the secluded Adraga beach, which is ranked as one of the best beaches in Europe.

5 The little train



From the boardwalk in Costa Caparica, a little train connects beautiful unspoilt beaches with 21 stops.

This fun and practical means of transport is also a practical way to escape the city’s heat.

6 Time out market



You have to stop at this gigantic food court and try the delicious specialties they offer. Cod fish, crab, octopus, tuna and the famous pasteis, all fantastic fresh dishes that you will not resist. One particular thing I absolutely love is the meat croquettes: if I eat just one, I can’t stop until I’m absolutely about to burst.

7 Great value

As incredible as it is, this great city is one of the cheapest in Europe and officially West Europe’s least expensive capital. How could you not take advantage of all that this beautiful and friendly place has to offer? From shopping to restaurants, it was a great experience.


8 Safety

In this compact and intimate city filled with tourist attraction, there is relatively no crimes. It’s one of the safest cities in Europe, so you will enjoy your trip without worrying too much about any surprise events. Still of course, you should be aware of pick-pockets like everywhere else. My trick not to look like a tourist is to always blend in by wearing what locals would wear. Try it!

9 Pink street



Talk about instagrammable moments! A whole city street painted in pink. This is such a surprise and contrast in the middle of historic buildings in an old neighborhood that used to be the city’s red light district. It’s a hip and young destination and a vibrant nightlife.

10 Day trip to Belem



If you have an extra day in Lisbon, you must visit the beautiful town of Belem. Formerly a harbor, this laid-back neighborhood is home to some of the most spectacular monuments and delicious seafood. (Read my Belem blog here).

I found adventure, culture and beautiful nature in the exceptional city of Lisbon. A place I will never forget, it was a unique mix of history and modernity. I am sure I will return soon!

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