Everybody has a dream they don't follow Everybody has a dream they don't follow Everybody has a dream they don't follow

The ordinary life

of a not so ordinary

Mexican Boy

I used to think my life was crazy, but now I’m sure of it.
Sometimes, when the signs are clear, you still don’t follow them, other times when you don’t find any signs, you feel in need of direction.
But how do you navigate this very confusing highway of life?

From Mexico to Beirut, from New York to Bali, my dirty shoes have gone from nothing to everything, from nowhere to everywhere. This highway I did it my way, my very own way and now I’m glad to share it with you.

Welcome to my life story. Take your seat and enjoy the road.

Road to Ruen.

WANDERLUST Whether you’re lost or looking for an adventure. Nothing makes me more happy than traveling, so take a step off the beaten path by joining my travels. I might not be an expert on traveling but I want to be. So, gladly I’m sharing with you my very own travel information hoping it helps you to connect to the soul of the hidden corners of the world I’ve visited. 46 countries and 141 cities Pack your things and go hit the road with me. COUNTRIES CITIES CONTINENTS Go to travel blog 46 141 5


In case you hadn’t noticed I have a lot going on, and my active mind keeps me very busy. I’m always talking, telling stories, and finding outlets for my imagination.

So one day, something just popped up in my head. Something that was born from the sum of my travel experiences + a bit of creativity + my passion to tell stories.

After more than 1 year, this little something became in my first novel, “Seven moms”, which I’m delighted to reveal to you



Singing and dancing it’s been a hobby since I’m 3. But now, I just decided to go for it and persue this dream of mine.

If you have any question, comment, suggestion or just want to say hi don’t hesitate and contact me