CHAPTER 1: Miracle Baby

Some of you know me as Ruben, others as Ruen and most of you do not know me at all. But to know my story, let me introduce you to a little kid born in a small village in the mountains of Mexico under the name of Cesar Omar Islas Pérez, on a hot night exactly as you would imagine it.

Back then we did not have much, not even a cradle for a premature baby born a few days shy of 6 months inside my mother’s belly. Although any doctor would say that it is practically impossible for a human baby to develop correctly in that short amount of time, he could see me as the exception that made the rule. Me, Cesar Omar.

But what exactly happened?

As a Mexican family mine was like every other, with drama following them every step, always running into bigger problems than they could handle. My mom especially, a short hot-tempered waitress was always getting into trouble according to my grandma, and that fateful night that I was born was a large dose of extra drama.

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