Bali, Body and soul.

When you hear Bali, you immediately think of a magical island escape, swinging over iconic rice fields and sipping from fresh coconuts. What I discovered on my trip is that Bali besides being a place with translucent beaches and colorful coral reefs, is also a very spiritual place where people go to heal.

Check out the places I highly recommend you go if you’re planning to go to this beautiful island in Indonesia.

  1. The beach

Like, obviously! I don’t even need to mention this. It’s BALI baby! It’s an island paradise with translucent beaches and colorful coral reefs!


2. The waterfalls

There are so many that you can take a tour to see them, but my favorite were Tukad Cepung waterfall and hot springs.


3. GWK Cultural park.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park is the most iconic landmark in Bali where you can find the biggest statue of the Hindu god Vishnu riding his bird Garuda. It is truly something to see, lost between the earth and the sky. You will admire with wonder and feel the holiness of this place, the unique architecture the far-east landscape that is specific to the far-east islands.


  1. Upside down world.

Time for some seriously funny photos! I have no idea who came up with this but they are a genius: imagine you go on a set where everything is made to look upside down, like you’re standing on the ceiling inside a house. Yes, yes it was fun.


  1. The nightlife

If you are looking for a pre-drinks sunset vibe, I advise you to go Hopping from beach to beach on Jimbaran bay, where we had a delicious dinner in Baliku. The sunset drinks, the fresh sea food and the fantastic views were all complemented by a live band who kept us singing and dancing into the early hours.

For later, if you want to keep the fun going on, I recommend club Omnia and Dhyana pura resort which are bursting with people at night. Shot, shot, shot.


  1. Bali safari and marine park

I don’t know about you, but I had never seen a tiger jumping over my car before. This was such a treat for us to see the wildlife in their habitat, not in a zoo! We went on a night safari to Gianyar where we had the amazing chance to see lions, zebras and even elephants. They also have a traditional show where people dance with fire.


  1. Spiritual Healing

Ok, you might say you don’t need any healing and there’s nothing wrong with you. Of course, I understand and I agree. However, this is about more than that! Everyone carries around wounds from their past, from their childhood, or maybe you’re looking for something that you feel you can’t find. It’s a feeling of your spirit wandering without a purpose: that’s why it’s good to visit a healer, especially here in the land of spiritual healing and meditation. By centering your energy your whole life will get in focus.

So we took this chance and went for it, and my friends not only once, but twice!

Frist, we met with Ibu Jero, high priestess and natural healer.


An intense experience, she’ll intuitively pick up on past emotional issues, bringing them out into the open, before helping you to let them go. She draws bad energy out of you, and hear this, she will burp it out- processing the energy out.

After the session over, she’ll take you under the healing waters of the chakra fountain by the river, to wash it all away and help you feel better, lighter.

Second, we met with Agus Sihman, a palm reader and life counselor.


We did a whole body and hand reading. The healer detects your body’s imbalances through his sense of smell, and if you’re not self-conscious about it (you must let him smell you everywhere!) then you will truly feel purified in the end.

  1. Day trip to Nusa Penida

By cruise or by private boat, your goal is this breathtaking destination where the land and the blue of the sky are lost in the blue of the ocean, in the most majestic and powerful scenery.

At Kelingking Beach you will be standing on a high cliff overlooking the azure ocean, looking at white sandy beaches below that are only accessible by a series of stairs. This beach is naturally secluded by a series of cliff and rock formations, so definitely if you have the legs for it, then go down the stairs.

IMG_9806Here are limitless instagrammable moments, but you will feel so overwhelmed by the fresh salty air and the beautiful scene that you could forget your phone (ok, no I will never forget my phone).

To visit the rest of the island, I recommend Crystal Bay and also Diamond beach.

  1. Day trip to Ubud

And here it is, what you’ve wanted to know since the start: here is the home of the famous Bali swing.

The famous swing is at Aloha swing, a place where you can enjoy many other relaxing moments, as well as the views, Ferris wheel, and sky bed.


This laid-back town is filled with local markets, coffee-shops and hotels for all budgets, and it’s a must if you’re coming to Bali. Surrounded by rice fields, it is also very full of insects so don’t be surprised to find some in your room.

Also check out the Ubud monkey sanctuary, but only if you’re not very squeamish. The monkeys who roam free around the beautiful temples will come up to you for food, and they will be very friendly.


We also had time for a fun rafting along the Ayung river, with the Ayung Dewata rafting company. It was very cool.



At the end of my trip, I thought about it: we had fun in the sun, we got close to the beautiful Mother Nature, we ate fresh delicious foods, we mediated, and it was perfect for our bodies as well as our minds.

Now everyone repeat with me: Om shanti, shanti Om.




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